Where To Find Waney Edge Fencing Services In Surrey

As one of the most popular fencing styles – possibly behind the traditional feather edge fencing – waney edge is trusted to provide strength and durability.

By choosing Martin Cashmore Fencing you will have the best support for your domestic requirements. From transforming your garden with a fresh new set of fencing panels through to helping you install more secure fencing on your property, we’re the ideal choice.

Our waney edge fencing services in Surrey will lead you through three vitally important services, including:

  • Consultation: We will visit your property and see what problems you are having, the limitations on land and the stain that you would like to have applied.
  • Quote: Our team will produce a simple quote for the process from start to finish. This includes materials and installation.
  • Installation: If you agree to this price, our team at Martin Cashmore Fencing will visit your property and install your waney edge fencing in Surrey.

Any materials that are not stocked will not be a problem as our team at Martin Cashmore Fencing will make sure they can be ordered for you. Deliveries can be arranged over the phone, online or by popping into our Farnham office.

Located just off the A325, our office is addressed at Unit 2, Halfway Farm, Farnham, Surrey, GU10 4LP. We are open 07:00 to 17:00; we welcome everyone to our yard with any queries you may have.

Get in contact with us to find out more.