Choose Our Close Board Fencing Services In Surrey

As one of the most popular and cost-effective styles of fencing, close boards are a great way to achieve security and an attractive look to your garden.

We have worked on plenty of gardens in the past that range from simple rectangular designs through to tricky bespoke fencing needs. In any case, our high-quality close board fencing in Surrey can provide a range of benefits for your outdoor spaces.

Choose Martin Cashmore Fencing for professional close board fencing in Surrey to ensure you have a style that looks great in your garden. To complement our professional installations and designs, we have different types of close board fencing which could be ideal for your property.

What types of close board fencing can we offer at Martin Cashmore Fencing?

Close board fencing is a great design for homes. It offers simplicity and a number of options relating to the colour and finish.

In terms of types, we are able to source two diverse types which are commonly found on properties across Surrey. From horizontal close boards with dividing elements through to complete vertical styles, we can install them both in your garden.

We can then combine these close board fencing services in Surrey by installing a gate that will match the style of your fencing.

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