Do You Require Palisade Fencing In Surrey?

Martin Cashmere Fencing Ltd can provide all styles of fencing to clients in Surrey, including the finest quality palisade fencing. This type of fencing is highly attractive and popular for places which need security and vandal resistance.

It also looks highly attractive and will let plenty of light into a property. Since the slats have spaces in between them, they won’t make a space gloomy and unattractive.

Whether you’re after wooden or steel palisade fencing, Martin Cashmere Fencing Ltd can both supply and install your new fencing.

We work throughout Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire and London to provide the finest quality fencing possible.

All our work is carried out by professional fencers who have many years of experience. They can work on both domestic properties and commercial sites, helping you install fencing which meets your privacy and security requirements, along with those which are aesthetically pleasing.

We are both a supplier and contractor and have a large amount of quality materials available on site, including palisade fencing. Only recently, we have opened a warehouse in Surrey which you’re more than welcome to visit.

We also stock a large range of tools, fittings, paint, stains and many other items.

Explore our range of fencing in Surrey today.