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Panels. Closeboard. Timber posts. Concrete Materials. Wire. Oak. Fixings. Sleepers. Post Mix and Cement.


Waney Edge this is the standard panel that you see in most gardens with their slats going horizontally along the panel, Closeboard this is a stronger more cost effective product compared to the Waney edge panel as the life and strength is dramatically more. Hazel and Willow Hurdles and a more rustic and aesthetically pleasing panel. And Trellis panels we stock these as standard with the square trellis however we can get in different sizes and shapes including the diamond trellis. All of our panels are kept in stock unless something more specific or unique is required. We can Order in European Panels and various other styles at your request.


All Closeboard materials are kept in stock; Our Feather Edge boards vary in lengths starting at 900mm up to 2400mm all at a width of 100mm we keep all sizes in stock and if an odd size is required we can cut down to that size providing it is under 2400mm if the size is above that we also do a larger feather board at 3600mm at length and 150mm wide however if you do not require it this wide we can order in specifically longer 100mm feather boards, Gravel Boards come in three lengths, 1800mm, 3000mm and 3600mm these are 150mm wide and 22mm thick all sizes kept in stock and can cut down to any different lengths but cannot be ordered in any longer, Our Arris Rails are kept in two lengths 3000mm and 3600mm and are cut from 75mm timbers, our 3000mm arris rails come in two varieties one un-ended and one ended the difference being that the un-ended ones have a flat end to that whereas the ended ones are shaped to fit into mortised post , counter rail and capping come in 3000mm lengths and are designed to specifically fit on top of the closeboarding this gives the top of the fence added strength.

Timber Posts

We have a large selection of timber posts in stock including 75mm x 75mm and 100mm x 100mm varying in length from 1500mm – 3000mm but longer posts can be acquired if needed. We also have a selection of posts for post and rail fencing which includes 125mm x 100mm, 125mm x 75mm and 100mm x 75mm these posts come in a length of 2100mm apart from the 125mm x 100mm which we stock in 2700mm lengths. We keep gate posts on site as well these come in two sizes 150mm x 150mm in either a 2100mm length or 2700mm length. The other size of gate post that we keep on site is 175mm x 175mm and in one length of 2100mm. Our gate posts all come with a four way pointed top. Finally we keep machine round stakes/posts in stock. We have 3600mm half round rails or 1800mm half round posts in stock. Our round stakes/posts come in three lengths two of which come with two different choices of girth. Our posts come in either 1800mm, 2400mm or 2700mm and all come in 85mm girth, but the 1800mm and 2400mm only come also in a slightly thinner girth of 65mm. All posts are UC4 pressure treated softwood.


We supply a wide range of concrete materials including slotted and mortised post, gravel boards and spurs. We keep in stock a large variety of concrete post all of which are 100mm x 100mm and either are a slotted concrete post or a mortised concrete post. Our concrete slotted post come in a range of lengths starting at 1500mm and going up to 2700mm these all have the standard 50mm slot with reinforcing bars running within the post itself. We also keep in stoke a concrete slotted corner which come in the same lengths as an internal post but are slightly larger in girth measuring at 125mm x 125mm. At our premises we keep concrete mortised posts. These come in the same lengths as the concrete slotted post 1500mm to 2700mm and the same girth of 100mm x 100mm. These posts have specific mortise marks to fit with specific size feather edge boards depending on the height of the fence that you require. This type of post too also has reinforcing bars running inside the post. We also do a corner post of this which has the girth of 100mm x 100mm. Another concrete product that we do is concrete gravel boards. We do two gravel boards for a concrete slotted post and one gravel board for a concrete mortised post. The gravel boards for the concrete slotted post come in one length of 1800mm but have two different heights. They either come in 150mm or 250mm with a width of 50mm. On one side of these gravel boards is just a flat surface whereas on the other is a shaped face that you can see in a picture below. The gravel boards for concrete mortised posts come in one length of 2850mm and are 150mm high and have a width of 50mm. The concrete gravel board for concrete mortised post comes with reinforcing bars incorporated within the gravel board. The final concrete product that we do is a concrete spur these come in one length which is 1200mm but come with two different girths 75mm x 75mm or 100mm x 100mm. All of our spurs have three pre-drilled holes straight through as to attach them to the damaged post being repaired.


We keep Stock Wire in stock at all times in two heights of 900mm or 1200mm all on a 50m roll and galvanised. Barb Wire, Line Wire comes as a galvanised roll with a distance of 500m on it, Rabbit Wire, Our Deer Wire is very much like our stock wire it comes on a 50m roll and all galvanised however it is 2000mm high. Chain-link.


All Timber sizes can be ordered in if required. We can order in a wide range of oak products. All of the timber sizes that we keep in softwood we can order into our yard in oak ranging from an oak to post to and oak rail or even oak feather edge. Our oak is brought and manufactured here in the south of England but most of the oak is grown and cut in France. Oak is a much stronger wood compared to a softwood product and the life span is much greater. Also on a whole is a much more durable and strong timber.


Standard New sleepers and 2400x200x100mm sleepers are kept in stock. At our yard we keep two sizes of sleeper the smaller size that we keep is 2400mm long and is 200mm x 100mm which is a relatively new sleeper and is much more light weight and better for domestic use such as in the garden. The other size of sleep that we do is generically called a ‘railway sleeper’ these are again 2400mm but are much larger in size and are 125mm x 250mm.


In stock we keep a wide selection of five bar gates, Closeboard gates and wooden palisade gates. Entrance gates and made to measure gates and all made to order. We keep in stock a wide variety of gates including five bar gates, Closeboard gates and timber palisade gates. Our Five bar gates come in many lengths starting at 1500mm and going on to 3600mm. All five bar gates are kiln dried untreated softwood and all either right hand of left hand hanging. Our selection of Closeboard gates comes in three heights 1200mm, 1500mm and 1800mm. They come in a standard width of 900mm however our 1800mm high gates can be brought in at widths of 1075mm and 1200mm. This type of gate is a perfect gate for a side gate to a garden or a pedestrian gate. Have strong braces and a strong structure they do not break or split easily. Our final types of gate that we keep in stock are our timber palisade gates. These are all 900 wide but can either be 900mm or 1200mm high. You can have a choice of two tops. Either a pointed top or a rounded top gate which you can see in the examples below. We can also order in any type of gate that you may require or if said gate is an odd size. At our yard we keep a brochure showing all the different types of gates and different styles that can be ordered in at your request. We can order in anything from an exquisite entrance gate to an odd sized pedestrian gate.


We keep a huge range of fixings at our yard for every type of fencing. We keep in stock all types of gate hinges whether that is for a small close boarded gate or for a 3600mm long 5bar field gate. Also for gates we keep the locking mechanisms for keeping the gates held shut in place such as, ringlatches, Brenton padbolts or auto catches. We keep fixings for repairing broken closeboarded fences such as arris rail repair brackets for concrete and timber posts. Also all fixings for putting up and closeboarded fence on concrete post such as the 150mm metal cleats and m8x70 bolts for holding the concrete gravel board in place. Another type of fixing that we keep in stock is items such as nails and coach screws. Our nails are sold in either 1kg bags or 25kg boxes. They come in three lengths and are all galvanised 50mm, 75mm and 100mm. Our coach screws also come in a variety of lengths with a hex head on them and all galvanised, 75mm, 100mm, 125mm and 150mm. Finally another type of fixing that we keep at our yard is met posts. These come in two varieties and two sizes. You can either purchase them with a stake or as a bolt down met post the different being the met post with a stake is driven into the ground whereas the bolt down met post is for when you can’t just drive the post into the ground for example the post has to go on a concrete base. They also come in two size 75mm wide or 100mm wide. These are designed specifically to take our UC4 soft wood 75mm and 100mm timber posts.


At our yard we keep chestnut that it fell and collected from a local wood near to our yard. We keep in stock cleft chestnut rails which are a split piece of chestnut with a pointed end for a rail as shown in the picture below. We can also get in a split piece of chestnut as the post for the cleft chestnut rails with mortise holes already predrilled. Another type of chestnut fencing that we do is chestnut paling; this is small chestnut pales wound within wire and in a 50m roll as shown in the picture below. Finally we can provide chestnut round post. These can come in various lengths of your choice and can either come peeled or not peeled. They can come in different girths depending on if it’s a strainer or just an internal post. With our chestnut products they are not completely straight or a smooth post as they are just cut straight from natural resources and are not sawn and are untreated timber.