Why Choose Our Domestic Fencing In Sussex

The summer is nearly here. You will start seeing the dull colour of your fencing start to come out of your garden as you prepare your BBQs, invite friends around or let the children run around and play. The fencing of your garden is vitally important to the aesthetics of your garden, not only your security and privacy.

At Martin Cashmore Fencing we have become a leading provider of domestic fencing provider and installer in Sussex. We are tasked with helping homeowners across the county and further afield with our top-of-the-range fencing products and our assured installation techniques.

Why choose domestic fencing from us in three reasons:

  1. New fresh style: We have various styles and stains of fencing which is all sourced from our sustainable woodland outlets. We can lay claim to a range of slat styles which could look great in your garden in time for the summer.
  2. Strong and durable installation: Our team at Martin Cashmore Fencing have been providing support and help with installation for a number of years. We perform all our domestic fencing services to a high standard to keep your home secure and safe throughout the year.
  3. Gates: You may want to replace your current gate or find the best way of combining your new fencing with a gate that suits. Our team can help you with this for your domestic setting.

Get in contact with us to find out more about our domestic fencing in Sussex.