Need A Fencing Contractor In London?

Our fencing contractors regularly work on projects in London, supplying and installing the highest quality fencing to all sorts of clients. Whether you require domestic, commercial or agricultural fencing, we supply fencing products to a wide range of locations in the South East, including London, Guildford, Haslemere and Farnham, where we are based.

Established in 1982, we’ve been working in this industry over 30 years and have a real passion for what we do. Part of the AFI (Association of Fencing Industries), we have a massive range of fencing to choose from, including those designed for security purposes.

Our fencing is supplied from our two-acre site located just outside of Farnham, making us ideal for working all over the local area.

Our hard working fencers will ensure that everything is done quickly and efficiently. We will visit the site beforehand and then offer a free quotation, so you don’t have to commit straightaway. Highly professional and friendly, Martin Cashmere Fencing love collaborating with clients to deliver the results they want.

Why not get in touch with our contractors for a free quotation?

01420 521040.