Discover Our Security Fencing Services In Surrey

Fencing is trusted by both residential and commercial customers as an extra layer of security. It can be a great way to deter unwanted visitors while providing a clear line between your property and the next.

However, there can be problems when it comes to commercial fencing because you cannot simply use wooden fencing. While wood is a great material for its longevity, durability and aesthetics, it can be easily scaled and broken through.

That’s when our team at Martin Cashmore Fencing are called. We can offer security fencing in Surrey which is ideally suited to any type of commercial setting. From warehouses and offices through to car dealerships and storage facilities, you will want to get the best possible first layer of defence.

Why choose our security fencing in Surrey for your commercial property?

We are able to tailor our services to befit the needs of each client we speak to. Our security fencing in Surrey includes, among other styles, the steel palisade fence. This is a popular choice for businessowners as it combines the height and strength required to stay upright with the added spikes at the top.

If you need help deterring intruders from your property or you have concerns about the security of your business at present, choose Martin Cashmore Fencing to help you.

Get in contact with us to start the process towards security fencing in Surrey.